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Understanding Russian brides: mentality, habits, outlooks at life, and more


No matter what stage of your journey to find a bride you are on – when you are in it for quite a long time and there is no girl fine enough has been met on your way, maybe it is the right time to pay attention to beautiful Russian girls. You might have heard about Russian girls for marriage but have never encountered one or have never thought about actually finding one to make her your wife. That’s quite an omitting. Compared to potential wives from your Western country, single Russian women have significantly lower demands to their future husbands whilst at the same time they possess much more attractive personal and character traits than women of the West. Yep, some of them have a serious gap in speaking English – but this is compensated pretty swiftly. Besides, nobody has canceled Google Translate to use during your texting online.

So, in between of Westerners who have a zillion of demands to you as a husband, who can provide pretty much nothing in return and pretty Russian girls who might not have fluency in English but who love everything connected to family and running the house – who will you choose? If you’re quite unsure right at this moment – wait until the end of this text to know real Russian brides better and then adopt the decision.

Why beautiful Russian women are more appealing than other foreign brides

Let’s hit the advantages of Russian brides for foreign men:

  1. Beauty. Whilst you might have seen a lot of ‘pretty’ girls on the streets of your city when you are physically on the streets of Russia, you are staggered by the number of not simply ‘pretty’ but really ‘beautiful’ women. Followed by the constrained times of the USSR, when everything was in deficiency (clothes, food, travels, and personal freedoms), women of Russia today have it all. So they overcompensate the impossibility of being beautiful during those times. Today, they wear the best clothes, makeup, perfumes, accessories, and footwear. You will never meet on the streets of Russia an untidy sloven girl with unwashed hair, size-less hoody, and slippers on dirty feet. Only one excuse for that can be – she is a drunkard. But, as you’re not hunting for boozers but instead want a nice educated cheered lady, you will have an aesthetical orgasm each time you see a woman on the street of Russia. She is like a dream, like a walking picture from a fashion magazine, as if she has come to this street right from Milano, the world center of fashion. You should know that for potential Russian brides, it is not a stopping factor at all to spend 2 hours a day to look beautiful.
  2. They are great cooks. This is also the legacy of the USSR, with zero restaurants or cafes and the need to cook everything at home if you didn’t want to die of starvation. Even without a cookbook, she holds hundreds of recipes in her head, from dozens of ways to cook eggs to such unexpected delicacies like cabbage rolls in tomato sauce, fish with stewed vegetables, dumplings with black rice and mushrooms, or Ukrainian borsch. You should be aware of one thing – as after marrying a girl from the database of Russian brides on the sites we mention below, you are never going to be hungry again, there is a high risk for you to gain some pounds because of unbelievably tasty cuisine she cooks. And – you will save on restaurants, gaining plentiful of homemade food in return. 
  3. Even though some Russian single girls are gold-diggers and you have definitely heard some stories from your friends or friends of your friends (or have read online), where Russian come to the US or Europe only to marry and divorce shortly after to raise some dough, this is not because all Russians are scums and cannot be trusted. Gold-diggers are inherent to all nations, more or less, but you hear more about Russians from all foreign brides just for the reason that Americans and Europeans hate Russians more than they hate other nations.

How exactly a Russian wife is more appealing to you as a Western man than other foreign bride options?

We’ve talked about what they look like and what they cook. Let’s talk now more about the phenomenon of Russian wife covering what they feel. 

After you’re able to find a Russian bride and make her your wife, you will be covered with care. Most of them are raised in the ambiance of the need to work hard caring for their future husband. When you meet a Russian girl online, you do not hear from her that you should do a zillion of things to make her happy, as western female girls require, no. Russians much more stick to traditional family – a man earns money and she provides the coziness of his home, whatever it takes. When children are born, she takes care of them, too. A man having a Russian bride is in the center of her attention – physical, sexual, and general. 

Facts about Russian brides

Let’s consider some facts about Russian brides:

Treatment of Russian girls to marriage and family

As we have said, in marriage, they stick to traditional values. You can see profiles of Russian women and realize that many of them are in the search for a reliable man to settle down, have children, and run the house. They do not think that you’re buying a housewife, a sex mistress, and a cook in their person, as western arrogant ladies would tell you. Instead, Russians are happy to run a good big house, raise nicely fed, taught, and groomed children, and cook for you delicious stuff in the kitchen because they can experiment with food (they have been striving to all these things for their entire life, which means you make their dreams come true). When she is happy – you are happy. What is amazing about such treatment – it works on both sides (your happiness = her happiness). 

Do Russian women cook something out of their native cuisine?

Whilst for you, many dishes of Russian cuisine may actually seem fantastic (and they are), she thinks that Italian food is even more appealing and tastier than Russian (and it is, in many ways). Also, she loves to experiment in the kitchen with anything extra. So don’t be super surprised when you’re having Italian, Thai, Moroccan, or Andalusian cuisine. If you’re a gastronomic lover, then on the websites with potential wives that we show below, you can search on lists of Russian ladies based on their ability to cook (why not?).

Needless to say, you’re largely economizing on restaurants with such a good wife. But do not overdo with it – if she has no mood to cook, don’t peck her with ‘I’m hungry, could you cook something for me?’ She is a live person and can be sick and tired sometimes (or having a headache). 

Are Russian women admirable in bed?

She adores her body and loves bed games (and experiments). Yes, there is some shyness in bed but it is not dictated by the same conditions and causes as in women of West. She is naturally more humble and shy and that’s why giving her body to you is in most cases also giving you her heart and soul. Despite the erroneous picture in heads of western men that you meet Russian bride and she is getting into the bed with you at once, it is not like that. If she isn’t a prostitute, she is going to seek emotional proximity and will want to make you her friend and a trusted person before you’re going to have sex. 

But when she is off of the first shyness and truly delves into your life – it is time when she feels free and in complete opposition to humbleness. Your bed games may last for hours, with little or no prohibited things to do and things to try. She will be completely supportive when you buy her sexy lingerie, toys, and stuff – the sexier she looks, the happier you are. Believe us – you do want to make her happy and sexy by pampering her image and feels with new sexy outfits, which are destined only for your eyes. And she will return a hundred more times in bed to you. If you can find out what wildness is, it is something that you will rather find as you date Russian beauties, not with any western girl who only thinks about taking your house, car, and money after you marry and get divorced (if you don’t think that girls are that cunning – you must have probably not gotten divorced yet). But, wait a minute, aren’t Russians the same, you might ask? No. And not simply because they are saint but, first of all, they were all raised much more decent and afraid to lose a nice husband should they have one (it is, as we already know, a very limited offer in Russia) and, secondly, when they decide to start a divorce process, it is super hard emotionally for them. Eventually, numbers about international marriages speak for themselves: they are 5 times sturdier and more lasting than ones concluded between the country’s citizens. Here you go. 

What else makes Russian women prevail over other mail order brides?

For most Americans and Europeans, let’s be honest, Russians are more beautiful than Asians. When you’re looking at Russian brides photo or seeing women alive, they fit your understanding of beauty much more than Asians, Latinas, or Africans. They look like Europeans of the countries you might have never heard of or have very little knowledge about – like Slovenians, Slovaks, or Hungarians. With their stout bodies, firm gait, blue/green/brown eyes, white or brown hair, white un-tanned skin, and freckles (sometimes) they look like mischievous forest nymphs who are somewhere in between of elves, dwarves, and humans, incorporating best body parts of the three. So if you’re in pursuit of most classical beauty, you should definitely stick to Russian brides. 

Marriage with girls from Russia takes lesser efforts and money to arrange

Marriage requires a lot of effort and even more money. Did you know that the official estimation of the expenses of getting married in the US as of today is $38,700? That includes a wedding ring, the ceremony & reception, and the honeymoon. No wonder many people take loans to get married (and/or ask help from their parents or associates). But with a Russian wife, it can be different. $38,700 is a cost of a decent apartment or house outside of the capital region of Russia (Moscow) and only the wealthiest people actually can afford such a costly wedding. According to existing data, the average cost of the ceremony in Russia is from 5 to 15 thousand dollars (with the biggest part of that being spent on honeymoon, which not everyone has, actually). If you are unwilling about spending neatly 40K dollars on the wedding alone, it is a nice thing to do it 2-4 times cheaper with Russian. Unless you do have such an opportunity and can afford it.

How to date Russian women online and the peculiarities of this format

Dating Russian will take from you finding a mutual language. On the dating site, you are largely helped in this by Google Translate when you’re texting and can be assisted by an interpreter when you’re having a live video chat. It is easier to date online for the reason that everyone wishes to tell more profoundly and fully about himself or herself through text and to receive the same comprehensive information about a partner in return. Thus, dating through the screen makes your relations to shrink to a few weeks or months from possible years.

The biggest advantage is that you save time and communicate to someone who is already pre-interested in marrying, skipping the boring and tiresome part of trials and errors, as it would be with offline dating.

The downside of it is that you can’t feel that special ‘chemistry’, which is only tangible when you’re physical. But that is corrected when you meet in person (by going to her country). Yes, there are risks of not having it; but what is life without risk? 

How many Russian brides marry outside Russia?

It is believed that over 100,000 women from Russia are registered as mail order brides (considering all websites of this kind altogether), with their number added in the approximate amount of 25,000 per year. It is not to be said that they all find husbands and marry successfully – some of them withdraw their applications after months or years of unsuccessful attempts to find a man abroad, with some of that share being also reduced by the reason for finding a decent pair in their homeland. 

So, you have a chance to pick a woman to your liking from the number totaling over 0.1 of a million at least, with many new faces added annually.

Different experts say that at least 10,000 Russian women move abroad every year only thanks to registered mail-order bride websites and agencies. However, many more of them aren’t in the official statistics, ‘cause they move from Russia in a number of different ways, including work migration and marrying afterward. So, presuming, there are about at least 2 times of those wives really marry guys of the West, you have a wonderful chance with such numbers. 

Is it easy to make a Russian girl become your Russian wife?

A few targets a Russian bride seeks to accomplish to become a wife of a westerner:

Don’t think that they sacrifice nothing for you:

And when you are ready to make all those prerequisites happen and take good care of her, making any Russian girl become your bride is just a matter of weeks in most cases. 

The most popular Russian dating sites you should try online

Now, folks, after all the things we have found out about Russian brides, let’s consider the issue of where to find them online. After trying hard to find, test, evaluate, and bring the entire knowledge together, we can finally submit to your attention five best websites, where real girls from this northern country dwell: 

  1. KissRussianBeauty.com
  2. SingleRussianBeauty.com
  3. DateRussianGirl.com
  4. DreamSingles.com
  5. AnastasiaDate.com.

What is so special about those online places with Russian women? Let’s get into this step by step: